Discounted Saddles


Woman galloping through the snow.


These saddles can be custom fit to your horse or mule and are sold with the same great Warranty & Guarantee as one of our brand new custom made saddles.

If you are not sure what width tree your horse or mule needs you can fax us a wither tracing for evaluation to 307-433-1009. Click Here for instructions on taking a wither tracing.

For more info, call CJ at 877-595-0115 or 307-433-1008 for international calls.


3979 ~ Sold!

Almost new black-brown saddle with a 15 inch slick seat, (sheepskin or extra padded seat can can be added for an additional charge) with a smooth stitched cantle. Round pommel without a horn. Cutback skirts with bulkless English rigging. Regular streamlined fenders.

New price $2740,  discounted to $1840! Can be fit to a narrow to medium width horse for $295 including the EQUImeasure Kit! 


3948 ~ SOLD!

Almost new mahogany saddle with a 16 inch black sheep seat, no horn. Cutback skirts with 3 point rigging rigging and a 5" smooth cantle. Short-regular length streamline fenders. Cavalry pouch on back of cantle and matching saddle bags included!

Regular price $3290,  discounted to $2195! Can be fit to a medium to wide width horse for $295 including the EQUImeasure Kit!