Custom Mule Saddles

Custom Mule Saddle ~ Lightweight TrailStarting at just $2695. Our Custom Mule Saddles are the ultimate in trail riding comfort. Any of our saddle styles can also be designed for a mule. When talking about saddle design for mules you may have heard terms like “mule bars”, “mule tree” or “mule saddle”. What is it that makes fitting a mule properly different from fitting a horse?

Custom Mule Saddles vs Horse Saddles

First of all don’t be fooled by thinking that all you have to do is get a custom mule saddle built on mule bars or a mule tree. While mule backs have certain tendencies that differ from the horse they are still individuals and need to be treated as such. Anytime you see a breed specific saddle or tree, it absolutely does not guarantee that it is going to fit. There is just as much variation in the shape of mules’ back as there is among horse’s.

Generally speaking the back of the mule is usually flatter when compared to most horses but we still end up with different types of backs depending on what type animal was bred to what. So when you hear the terms “mule saddle” or “mule tree” it is referring to the fact that the bars of most mass produced mule saddles are flatter, having less rock in them than a typical horse saddle. Keep in mind that there are plenty of mules who have just as much rock to their backs as a lot of horses do.

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard someone say that mules don’t have any withers. This is another common misconception. Some mules have wither that are similar to a typical thoroughbred, tall and narrow. Some mules have very low withers. Just like horses it depends on the breeding. Not all custom mule saddles or the companies that make them are going to measure your mule for proper fit.

Custom Mule Saddles with Britchin

Custom Mule Saddle, shown with Britchin

Another consideration is rigging position. Once again, generally speaking, quit a few mules need the rigging farther forwards than your average horse. Because of the shape of the mule’s rib cage, especially relating to the breast bone and also the offset between the back of the shoulder blade and the back of the front leg, the rigging usually needs to be more forwards than that of a horse. Of course this depends on confirmation of the individual mule. Some are very similar to the horse. That’s why our custom mule saddles are a perfect choice for your mule.

By using the EQUImeasure Kit to get a mold of your mule, along with some pictures, we can fit your mule properly. What it comes down to custom made mule saddles, your mule deserves the same individual attention as the horses we fit. Don’t be fooled by the ‘one size fits all mentality’. It doesn’t work that way for people, it doesn’t work that way for mules. And remember all of our custom saddle options are available to choose from when designing your saddle for you and your mule.