Custom saddles for you and your horse or mule and all your riding needs. Whether you are looking for custom Western Trail Saddles, Lightweight Trail Saddles, or Endurance Saddles, we have just what you need.

As a custom saddle maker, our saddles are hand made in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Each of our custom made saddles are fit to you and your horse or mule. You’ll also find matching tack, articles about horse care, horse health and saddle fitting.

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For the horse or mule:

  • 1/2″ of high-tech instant recovery foam built into the skirting to protect your horse’s back
  • Foam follows the motion of the horse’s back allowing freedom of movement
  • Wide spinal channel allows your horse’s back to come up into the saddle
  • Extra wide support panels help distribute weight over a broader surface.

For the rider:

  • 1/2″ soft high tech foam under your seat
  • Jean seam channel down the center to alleviate pressure while riding.
  • Free swinging fenders allowing freedom of movement on varied terrain
  • Leathers are recessed into the tree making a smooth transition for your thigh
  • Extra wide stirrups give excellent support and have a shock absorbing layer of foam
  • Bulkless rigging system that lies flat under the leg
Horseback rider hugging her horse.


Horseback rider hugging her horse.

For the horse or mule:

  • Patented EQUImeasure Kit included with every custom order to ensure proper fit of your horse or mule
  • With the kit it’s like having your horse or mule right there in the shop
  • The fit of your saddle is adjustable for life to accommodate the growing or aging horse or mule
  • Saddle can be adjusted for a new horse or mule of similar width back
  • For multiple horse needs we can build a generic tree bottom to fit the type of horses you ride

For the rider:

  • Because women and men are built differently your seat is designed gender specific
  • Individual seat bone measurements determine width of seat
  • Individual seat bone and thigh measurements are sculpted into the tree
  • 5 different size fender systems based on your inseam measurement


  • Saddles are close contact and built for balance
  • Fenders can be hung underneath you and aligned with the seat to promote a centered or balanced position
  • Allows you to ride with the action of the horse instead of behind it
  • Seat is contoured to allow you to position your thigh in proper alignment with the body’s vertical axis

(Fenders can also be hung farther forwards in the defensive position for trainers or riders with younger horses and mule.)



Craftsmanship of western saddle cantle.
  • Each and every saddle is built to order
  • We combine old world craftsmanship with modern design ingenuity
  • You design your saddle with our help based on your needs and personal preferences
  • Each of our saddle trees is handcrafted to provide the custom fit we are famous for
  • From leather to thread, from the smallest screw to the space age, indestructible foam padding on the bottom of our saddle tree, no compromise is ever made in quality

The Synergist Semi Custom Saddle

Semi Custom Saddle
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The Synergist Fully Custom Saddle

Custom Saddle
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