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Jennifer S and her new custom horse saddlesSemi Custom or Custom Horse Saddles

Endurance Saddles, Lightweight Trail Saddles, Western Trail Saddles or English Saddles, we have you covered! Mule or horse saddles, we have you covered!

All of our semi custom and custom horse saddles or mule saddles are built to order. We don’t have models, we have options. With our help, you can design a truly unique one of a kind saddle for us to build for you. Saddles for competitive trail, endurance, reining, cutting, barrels or just a pleasant Sunday afternoon trail ride. Together we can design and build your dream saddle.

Because of our endurance racing background, we know what it takes to keep both you and your horse or mule comfortable. Our saddles features a high level of both craftsmanship and design ingenuity. Combining traditional views on saddle design with the best that modern technology has to offer.

With the use of the patented EQUImeasure Kit, we can achieve an unprecedented level of custom fit for your horse or mule. We also custom fit the saddle to the rider using your specific measurements. Because each and every saddle is built to order, you can have anything from a lightweight endurance saddle up to a full double rigged western saddles, or a combination of anything in between.

The utmost in comfort for the rider and the horse or mule is what Synergist Saddles is all about. No other saddle maker incorporates the range of unique comfort features that we use when building your custom saddle and each saddle comes with the best Warranty and Guarantee in the business.

Semi Custom Saddles

Horse saddles-Semi Custom
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Endurance Saddles

Horse Saddles-Custom Endurance
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Lightweight Trail Saddles

Mule or horse saddles-Custom Lightweight Trail
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Western Trail Saddles

Mule or horse saddles-Custom Western Trail
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