Equine Pressure Sensor Pads

Different pressure sensor pads for evaluating saddle fit have been on the market now for over ten years. Some are simply a pad filled with a dough that will leave an impression after riding your horse for a specified amount of time. The dough will squirt away from high pressure areas and be thick where […]

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My First Pony

I grew up on a ranch in ND and enjoyed riding my Shetland pony. I babysat for a family who had went to a horse sale bringing back 5 ponies. I had spent the night due to the parents coming home late. The next morning we went out to the barn and I picked a […]

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My Saddle Fitting Story

I’m so grateful for my new Synergist Saddle! I’ve been pleased from the time I opened the box delivered from UPS. The saddle is absolutely beautiful. I’ve bought four new saddles in my lifetime and none compare to the Synergist. I have the saddle on display in my family room and just love looking at […]

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Love of Horse and Trail

My story is one of love of horse and trail, no matter how old or how ill.  I have been a member of California State Horseman’s Association since August 2007 and enrolled in their Trail Riding Awards Program (TRAP) the entire time.  The purpose of the TRAP program is to document use of trails so […]

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Tails from the Trails: Onward, in my Synergist Saddle

Tails from the Trails: Onward, in my Synergist Saddle   As I write this, its -2 F here in Palmer, Alaska. In two hours or so it will be 10 F. I will then head on outside, saddle up my mare Raudi, and go for a three-four hour trail ride, on the state owned trails […]

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Evaluating A Horse’s Back For Saddle Fit ~ Part 2

Last month we talked about what we can learn about a horse or mule when looking from the side. This month we’ll look at what information can be gained by looking straight down the back just over the rump. One of the first things we look at is just the overall width of the body […]

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Evaluating A Horse’s Back For Saddle Fit

When evaluating a horse or mule for saddle fit the first thing we like to look at is the side view of the animal with the rider in the picture. If we have the rider’s measurements it gives us an idea of the overall size of the horse or mule. The other thing we are […]

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Winter Horseback Riding Tips

If you live in the snow zone or an area with colder winter climates, you know how challenging winter riding can become. Here are a few winter horseback riding tips befor taking the taking the plunge. 1. Dress in layers. Wear a light weight under layer like thermal underwear or Under Armor then add a middle layer […]

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Horse Safety During Hunting Season

Here in the Rocky Mountains the seasons are changing. We like to get out and see all the colors especially in the aspen groves. One thing to keep in mind though is this is the time of year where hunting season is also going on. The reality is that hunters are also lurking around the […]

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Proper Way To Ship A Saddle

When you ship a saddle through a freight company like UPS of FedEx there are a couple of things you can do to ensure it gets there safely and undamaged. First we like to use bubble wrap instead of peanuts. Shipping peanuts always settle during transit. The constant motion and vibration of trucks or airplanes […]

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