Custom Saddles ~ Tooling

As far as custom saddles, tooling became popular among cowboys and ranchers of the American West for its ornamentation and expression of personal style. Elaborately tooled saddles helped express pride in their owners’ horsemanship. It also identified individual possessions among cowboys who often didn’t even own their own horse. In the west the saddle was not only a tool that was used everyday but a symbol of stature. Most cowboys considered their rig their most important possession. By taking excellent care of a well made saddle it could last up to 20 years or more.

At Synergist Saddles, we offer a wide variety of tooling options to choose from for your custom saddle. Master Leatherman Tom Good says “Even a simple border tooling takes the ‘plain’ right off a saddle.” Look over all of our great tooling styles and choose one or a combination!

Basic tooling packages includes tooling the seat, fenders, skirts and rear jockey on western saddles. On Western saddles the rear billets can be also be tooled, add 30% and the flank cinch, add 40%.

Synergist Custom Saddle Tooling 1-5

Synergist Custom Saddle Tooling 6-10

Synergist Custom Saddle Tooling 11-15

Synergist Custom Saddle Tooling  16-20

Synergist Custom Saddle Tooling  21-25

Synergist Custom Saddle Tooling 26-30

Synergist Custom Saddle Tooling 31-35

Synergist Custom Saddle Tooling Stamps

We are out of the office until Tuesday, March 31st. All orders will be filled when we get back. You can place a saddle deposit and get started on the measuring process by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and click on the Order A Saddle link. Your EQUImeasure Kit will be sent to you so you can get ahead of the spring rush. We’ll give you a call as soon as we get back.