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Why Do You Ride?

Through our business we have talked to thousands of people over the years. Firefighters and teachers, doctors and lawyers, students, chemical engineers, truck drivers, people in the military serving our country. We’ve also talked to people all over the world. From Europe to the Middle East, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. People from all walks […]

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My First Pony

I grew up on a ranch in ND and enjoyed riding my Shetland pony. I babysat for a family who had went to a horse sale bringing back 5 ponies. I had spent the night due to the parents coming home late. The next morning we went out to the barn and I picked a […]

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My Saddle Fitting Story

I’m so grateful for my new Synergist Saddle! I’ve been pleased from the time I opened the box delivered from UPS. The saddle is absolutely beautiful. I’ve bought four new saddles in my lifetime and none compare to the Synergist. I have the saddle on display in my family room and just love looking at […]

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Love of Horse and Trail

My story is one of love of horse and trail, no matter how old or how ill.  I have been a member of California State Horseman’s Association since August 2007 and enrolled in their Trail Riding Awards Program (TRAP) the entire time.  The purpose of the TRAP program is to document use of trails so […]

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Tails from the Trails: Onward, in my Synergist Saddle

Tails from the Trails: Onward, in my Synergist Saddle   As I write this, its -2 F here in Palmer, Alaska. In two hours or so it will be 10 F. I will then head on outside, saddle up my mare Raudi, and go for a three-four hour trail ride, on the state owned trails […]

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CJ’s Summer Vacation

August is usually a busy month for a lot of folks, but this August was a whopper for me and my family. Let me start by saying I just got back from a Buck Brannaman clinic in Colorado. I rode Happy Jack in the level 2 horsemanship class following a level 1 class I participated […]

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Mr. Siggi’s Legacy

It’s a truism, that life often takes unexpected twists and turns.  This is particularly true if you embark on a lengthy journey, which is what Pete and I did this past June.  We’d ridden over 500 miles in southern Colorado in 2011, and had planned to pick up where we left off.  This was no […]

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