Semi Custom Western Saddles

Synergist Semi Custom saddleIf you’ve always wanted a Synergist Saddle but thought you didn’t need a fully custom saddle, now you can get Synergist Saddles’ superb quality, hand-made in the USA craftsmanship in our all new Semi Custom Western Saddles! Priced hundreds less than our fully custom saddles the all new Synergist Semi-Custom Saddles are hand-made to the same superb quality standards as our fully custom saddles.

Semi Custom Saddle

Starting at just $1799. You get the same high-tech foam in the seat and skirts, the same high quality leather and sheepskin, the same Synergist Saddles’ unique design features and the same warranty and guarantee as our fully custom saddles. Choose your seat size and tree, choose your color and hardware, and of course, all of our standard custom options are available to further customize your saddle if you desire – you can even have the saddle custom fitted at a future date!

The main difference between a fully custom saddle and a semi-custom saddle is that the fully custom saddles are individually fitted to each horse and their rider. Semi-custom Saddles come in six common seat sizes and three average tree widths: medium, wide and extra wide. If you are not sure what width tree your horse or mule needs you can fax us a wither tracing for evaluation to 307-433-1009. Click Here for instructions on taking a wither tracing.

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Available Trees

Tree WidthSeat Sizes
Medium14.5″, 15″, 15.5″, 16″, 16.5″, 17″
Wide14.5″, 15″, 15.5″, 16″, 16.5″
Extra Wide14.5″, 15″, 15.5″

Pricing and Options

Saddle Deposit
Base Price
Custom Sheepskin Pad
Saddle Horn
No Sweat Vent Pad
Leather Covered Stirrups
English Breast Collar – Biothane
Frank Bell Pommel
English Breast Collar – Leather
Round Pommel
Western Breast Collar – Leather
Leatherman Holder
Cantle Riser
Small Saddle Bags
Mexican Braid on Cantle
Large Saddle Bags
Cantle Binding
Halter-Bridle – Biothane
Cheyenne Roll
Leather Headstall
Western Rigging with Flank Cinch
Three Point Rigging
Reins – Rope, Leather or Biothane
Hand Dyed Leather
Endurance Tapaderos
Tooling Packages – Starting at
Small Tapaderos
Sheepskin Seat
Large Tapaderos
Extra Padded Seat
Water Bottle Holders (a)
Extra Padded Seat – Supracor
Endurance Packs (b)
Custom Fit to Rider
Easyboot Holder (c)
Custom Fit to Horse or Mule
Ultimate Package (a, b, c above)

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