Custom Endurance Saddles

Synergist Custom Endurance Saddle - Ultimate

Custom Endurance Saddle with Ultimate Package

Starting at just $2395.. Our Custom Endurance Saddles are built with less skirting and therefore weigh less and retain less heat giving the rider a competitive advantage. Our endurance saddle weighs approximately 19 pounds in a 15 inch seat. Even with a saddle pad and tack you’ll be under 25 pounds.

An endurance saddle usually don’t have horns as they get in the way of the endurance rider when ducking under trees or riding uphill. As well, most endurance saddles have a stirrup with a wider platform to keep the rider’s feet more comfortable over longer distances.

Custom Endurance SaddleThe Synergist Endurance Saddle is rigged with a double billet system that pulls more from the center of the seat rather than straight down as in traditional Western saddle rigging. Western style rigging puts a lot of pressure in the front of the saddle – right behind the horse’s shoulder blades making it hard for the horse or mule to move freely in the shoulder area. The double billet system on our custom endurance saddles also lies flat under the rider’s leg to eliminate chafing and irritation.

Saddle fit for the horse is a huge concern for the endurance rider because endurance riding demands so much from the horse. We take the worry out of fitting your equine athlete with the use of the patented EQUImeasure Kit.

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Pricing and Options

Saddle Deposit
English Breast Collar – Leather
Base Price
Western Breast Collar – Leather
Saddle Horn
Roper’s Wrap
Leatherman Holder
Cantle Riser
Small Saddle Bags
Mexican Braid on Cantle
Large Saddle Bags
Cantle Binding
Halter-Bridle – Biothane
Cheyenne Roll
Leather Headstall
Western Rigging with Flank Cinch
Three Point Rigging
Reins – Rope, Leather or Biothane
Hand Dyed Leather
Endurance Tapaderos
Tooling Packages – Starting at
Small Tapaderos
Sheepskin Seat
Large Tapaderos
Extra Padded Seat
Water Bottle Holders (a)
Extra Padded Seat – Supracor
Endurance Packs (b)
Custom Sheepskin Pad
Easyboot Holder (c)
No Sweat Vent Pad
Ultimate Package (a, b, c above)
English Breast Collar – Biothane

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